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School Philosophy

School Philosophy

awâsisak - Little sky beings that are loaned to us in the most sacred way.

Through the awâsis Program,  Prince Charles School is committed to promoting and developing the spiritual, cultural, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of all students in an inclusive, respectful, safe and caring environment. We believe that all children can learn, at different rates, and in different ways.  Learning is achieved through the cooperation and engagement of students, parents, school staff, and the community by developing positive relationships. In alignment with Indigenous cultural teachings, students will flourish under the guidance of the Code of the Golden Feather : “Respect, Humility, Integrity, and Honesty”.

To ensure future success for all students we strive to set high expectations for academic growth and positive behavior, along with promoting quality learning through collaborative relationships. Student mental health and wellness are enhanced through trauma-informed practices and a focus on resiliency.