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Lunch & Nutrition

Prince Charles School is part of the E4C School Lunch Program. Lunch costs $60-$80 per month per child and parents are encouraged to contribute $20-30 per month, or as much as they can afford. A monthly menu is sent home. A healthy lunch is prepared on site or on special days delivered to our school. To access this service, parents/guardians must fill out the registration form and return it immediately to the school. Students must bring their own lunch for the first two weeks of school. No microwaves available: DO NOT send heat-ups!

All students participate in E4C’s Snack Program. Healthy choices are provided to each student prior to first recess. Parents are welcome to send additional healthy snacks to supplement these programs.

Prince Charles School is proud to be part of Apple Schools and we support daily physical activity and promote healthy eating choices. Please consider this when sending snacks for school celebrations!